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1/1/07 12:39 am

I forget where I'm supposed to post anymore. I'm a rockstar right?

Nono I miss you.

6/25/06 10:27 pm

Happy birthday Pisan.

3/20/06 08:57 am

I wish I lived in Europe where being 18 means you can do anything.

But then I would have to speak Europese and I don't want to do that. (T~T)~

Why do Japan's laws suck??? (≥⌂≤)

3/15/06 05:53 pm

I don't even get what I'm supposed to do now. Everybody ignores me except for Nonopon, I can't go on tour for my own group, and I don't have anything to do.

Doesn't anyone get that my lesson was learned? I mean it's not like I got arrested or anything, I wasn't carrying anything illegal! If I lived in some other country what I did would have been legal!!

I'm so frustrated. I hate all this crap.

2/26/06 11:20 pm - 「Hello! Project SPORTS FESTIVAL 2006 in SAITAMA SUPER ARENA ~HELLO!DIVA ATHLETE~」

日頃よりHello! Projectに対して並々ならぬご支援を頂きまして厚くお礼申し上げます。
ご存じの通り『加護亜依』は現在謹慎中であり、大変残念でありますが、3月19日(日)に行われます「Hello! Project SPORTS FESTIVAL 2006 in SAITAMA SUPER ARENA ~HELLO!DIVA ATHLETE~」に出演出来ません。


Hello! Project


Tsunkusama can I PLEASE do something soon? House arrest sucks!

2/11/06 11:29 am

Yeah so I'm under house arrest and our single has been cancelled.


2/9/06 11:10 am


2/8/06 09:30 am

We're coming out with a new single AND a new album AND a new DVD in March! (^~^)~~

1/30/06 08:51 pm


11/6/05 05:41 pm

What's a lap dance? (0.o); Laps don't dance.
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